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The Counselor in Training (CIT) Program

The Counselor in Training (CIT) program provides the opportunity for responsible teens to gain valuable leadership experience. Several CITs are assigned to each group led by one or two counselors. These counselors provide valuable resources for the CITs to learn from. You will interact with campers, counselors, and the teachers and take the opportunity to develop the skills you will need to lead a small group. As a CIT, you will help in daily activities as well as organize evening activities for your group and the whole camp! It is an exciting experience and a good opportunity to make new friends. CITs are not paid and are expected to pay only to cover the cost of room and board for the week.

Campers may apply for the CIT program by filling out the CIT application form, which can be downloaded from the download forms. In order to qualify for the CIT program, you must be entering 11th or 12th grade in the Fall. Interview and satisfactory CORI/SORI results are required to be in this program. Contact Assistant Director (see contact page) if you have additional questions.

2017 NECYSC Committee

Christopher Chiu (Director), Yu-Tzu Tai (Director), Yun Guo (Assistant Director), Yun-Hua Tseng (Assistant Director)

Karl Cai, Noelle Chan, Wendy Chan, Suzanne Chin, Calvin Chuang, John Crisafulli, Shao Feng, Lisa Gallagher, Meifang Hsu, Grace Kao, Fenny (YiJu) Kuo, Yuying (Lillian) Lee, Sau Sim Lee, Simone Lee, James Lin, Hsienchi Lin, Louise Lu, Stephen Rogers, Christine Ruffley, Ginger Stolzenthaler, Ann Su, Yu-Tzu Tai, Arthur Tswei, Andrea Wang, Zhang Weihong, Sandra Wong, Tina Xia, Lola Yao, Rong Yu

NECYSC is in compliance with 105 CMR 430.00 (State Sanitary Code, Chapter IV, Minimum Sanitation and Safety Standards for Recreation for Children)
Volunteers of NECYSC who have unsupervised contact with children are subject to a Criminal Offender Record Investigation (CORI)
and Sexual Offender Record Investigation (SORI) as required by M.G.L. c. 6, § 172G
NECYSC is granted a license and permit to operate a camp for children in the town of Weston.
Camp plans are available for review by requests by parents. Please send all inquiries to camp director